Setting Up Lander A/B Test

It is always good to determine which lander works best to gain more revenue. You should test at least 2-3 different versions of a lander to find out which page has higher CTR (click-through rate) and conversion rates. This process is called A/B testing or split-testing. It's extremely easy to setup A/B test of your landers and after the test analyze the results with Zeustrak.

 A/B testing of the landers:

  1. You create a Flow with a Path (or just a path in campaign settings), which contains two or more Landers with the same Offers in each lander; 
  2. The flow (or the path) will rotate these landers according to Weights; 
    Note: weight is a special parameter for spreading traffic amount between landers. The more weight a lander has, the more traffic it gets;
    Obviously you should spread weights evenly for every lander (50% / 50%) and should not add additional landers to the rules of the flow.

  3. This flow (or path) should be selected (created) in you Campaign;
  4. Then you manually choose the winner depending on the stats.
    To determine the winner (the lander which is converting best) go to Landings reports of a campaign and compare statistics.