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Adding a New Traffic Source

To run a campaign, you first need a steady stream of traffic to target. Traffic sources provide you with these visitors, and the following section shows you how to configure a traffic source template within Zeustrak.

  1. Add a new traffic source
    Main menu - select traffic sources, click on add new traffic source 

  1. Define a name

  2. Set your traffic source postback url (optional) and tokens (optional)

  3. Advanced option, Configure the variables to your traffic source

    In a configured Zeustrak traffic source template, click ID tokens are generally mapped into the External ID field.


5. Use the “{visit.externalid}” placeholder in the postback URL to pass the Visit ID back to the traffic source.

Complete list of tracking parameters can be found here.


6. Use other fields to define placeholders for campaign URL you will use to send traffic to.


7. Configure Lander parameters and save.