Domain Setup

In Zeustrack you own your domains. Thanks to this, your campaigns are protected from domain reputation issues.

  1. Register a new domain with the domain name registrar of your choice like Namecheap or GoDaddy.
  2. After you've bought a domain you need to make some additional setup know as adding A-record.
    If you are not familiar with DNS and A-Records, please read this article to understand how DNS works and this article to know how to add A-record
  3. Add your domain to a server in Zeustrack. Go to Websites > Domains and press the New domain button.

  4. Choose the server you've added earlier and enter the domain name with the following format:
    Read this article to know how to set up a server.
  5. Press the Create button.
  6. The page will be reloaded. After that, you will be prompted to update the domain settings.
    Select your preferred domain type. With Tracking + Clone website or Tracking + Wordpress types, you will have a no-redirect domain website for your campaigns (more details are here). Otherwise use a simple Tracking option. Traffic filters are available for all modes.
    The domain has statuses:
    Inactive - the domain is not ready to use;
    Offline - the domain is set up but not available;
    Ok - the domain is set up and ready to use.

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