Adding an External Hosting Lander

There are two supported lander hosting types in Zeustrak - External Hosting  and Zeustrak Cloud. We encourage you to use Zeustrak Cloud hosted landers to make your work organised and eliminate the need to host landers yourself.  

An External Hosting lander is a lander that you upload on your own web server. A Zeustrak Cloud lander is the lander that you create in Zeustrak editor.

  1. To make offer links work, you should pass 2 important parameters from your campaign to the lander. Go to your traffic source settings and check, that you have two Lander Parameters set, as shown on the screenshot (origin and trackingdomain):
  2. Edit your lander code:
    • Click URLs (links from lander to offer) should look like this: https://{trackingdomain}/click/?origin={origin}
    • Add the following script somewhere in the lander code: <script>function g(n,d){var v=(RegExp(n+'='+'([^&]+?)(&|$)').exec(||[,null])[1];if(v){v=decodeURI(v)}return v||d}var zlinks=(function(){function fetch_link(url,data){url=decodeURI(url);var tail=[];for(var p in data){if(!data.hasOwnProperty(p)||typeof data[p]==='undefined'){continue}if(url.indexOf('{'+p+'}')>-1){url=url.replace('{'+p+'}',data[p])}else{tail.push(p+'='+encodeURIComponent(data[p]))}}if(tail.length){url=url+'&'+tail.join('&')}return encodeURI(url)}return{onload:function(data){window.addEventListener('load',function(){zlinks.update(data)})},update:function(data){var links=document.getElementsByTagName('a');var link;for(var i=0;i<links.length;i++){link=links[i];if(link.href.indexOf('origin')>-1){link.href=fetch_link(link.href,data)}}}}})();zlinks.onload({'trackingdomain':g('trackingdomain'),'origin':g('origin')});</script>
    • How it works? When user is redirected to your external hosted lander, Zeustrak passes 2 data parameters--trackingdomain and origin--in the lander url. The script picks those parameters values from url and replaces appropriate tokens in click URLs ({trackingdomain} being replaced with trackingdomain url parameter, etc.).
  3. Create a new lander, name it and set location type to External hosting;
  4. Set the URL of your lander;
    You can use placeholders from the list below the URL field to pass extra data from the tracker to your page.
  5. Set the offers count;
    This means, how many different offers are promoted on your page at the same time.
  6. Select countries and folder, and save.