Within your campaigns you can determine what traffic will reach your landers. 

Go to Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Filters tab.


  1. Select Filter Mode
    Active - applies the filter settings you'll be defining further in the filter section.

    Allow all - allows every type of traffic to visit your lander.
    Filter all - stops all types of traffic from visiting your lander.

    On High Alert - this checkbox enables a special filter mode. When an unwanted visit is tracked, the next five visits will also be sent to the safe page.

  2. Select Device Filters; 

  3. Allow only whitelisted ISPs - Create an ISP whitelist for your target country in Settings > ISP White Lists. When this checkbox is checked, traffic from other ISPs will be blocked;

  4. Add and Remove filters; 

  • Facebook Filter. Switch on this filter to allow only real users to see your lander and send other visitors to the safe page. Other options are also available for the Facebook filter.
  • Facebook Prefetch Filter. The Facebook Android app generates a lot of preview traffic, loading the page before the user has actually clicked the on the ad. If you switch on this option, the Facebook app will be forced to load your lander from a real ad click and the preview traffic will not be displayed in your statistics.

  • Filter IPv6. Use this option to send any IPv6 traffic to the safe page.

  • Filter Empty Referrers. Use this option to send to incorrect traffic URL any traffic with empty referrers.