To receive postbacks from your affiliate network to Zeustrak, you must pass a Visit ID. You may also pass extra data to your affiliate network, for example, campaign or lander IDs.

This is how the postback works.

Postback settings in Zeustrak: 

1. Go to Affiliate Network settings 

2. Select Variables 

You will see the complete list of variables, that will be automatically passed to affiliate network (Click here for an explanation per variable). 

3. Add the right subid names per token

The setup will look like Name={token}. Where name represent the subid specific which can change per affiliate network. 

For the tokens, Zeustrak uses Visit ID for Click ID. 



Offer URL example, where s2 is a parameter (given by your affiliate network) and the {} is a Zeustrak token:

Creating final postback to implement with your Affiliate network

You need a postback URL setup in your affiliate network to receive conversions. If your Affiliate Network can pass you payouts, remove square brackets from the Postback URL. Replace VISIT_ID (and PAYOUT_USD if needed) with appropriate variables (depends on Affiliate Network, usually your Affiliate manager can help with this).


When you have added the offer to the Zeustrak platform, you need to define the postback URL that you are going to paste to the affiliate network. To do so, follow these steps:

1. In Zeustrak go to Offer settings

2. Tokens from affiliate network settings are automatically added to offer URL

3. Go to the Postback URL and copy the link

4. Edit the postback in any external system  

Initial postback will look like this:[payout=PAYOUT_USD]

5. Replace VISIT_ID and PAYOUT

Both of these replacements can be found back at the affiliate network you’re working with. 

6. Remove brackets and implement network tokens 

Example postback with cake tokens:

7. Implement this link with your affiliate network