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Safepage Setup


To add a safepage from within the interface do the following:


1. Go to Websites > Domains and press New Domain button

2. Choose server 

You can ad server under website -> Server and enter domain name with the following format: example.com. 

3. Press Create button. The page will be reloaded. After that, you will be prompted to choose one of the three domain setups. 

4. Pick the second option "Tracking + Clone" to upload your Safepage directly in the system.

5. In the Source website text field paste the page you want to copy to your domain.

Use the following format: http://example.com or https://example.com 

6. Add your moneypage

The paths that you add in this section will also show in campaign settings. For example, you have yourdomain.com and you want to use yourdomain.com/about-us as Money page, so you should enter /about-us in the moneypage section. 

You can use several Money pages per domain. 

7. Go to campaign settings to determine / filter which user can see your safepage

Note: Adding just / in your moneypage section will always work