Step by Step Campaign Setup

Welcome to Zeustrak, the performance marketing tool that helps increase efficiency in tracking and managing your campaigns with an all-in-one interface.  

  1. Server setup: Login or register your account on Digital Ocean and implement your API key in Zeustrak. If you do not have Digital Ocean account use this link to register and get a $100, 60-day credit from Zeustrak on your account;

  2. Add a new server: Websites > Servers > New server;

  3. Add new domain: Websites > New domain and link to the right server. Choose any domain name you like. It can be .com, .net, .info, .club or any other extension. All domains, added in Zeustrak, automatically have a free SSL certificate installed. NOTE: Make sure that the A-record is set correctly;

  4. Select preferred tracking setup (Tracking, Tracking and Mirroring or Tracking and Wordpress);

  5. Add a new traffic source;

  6. Add a new affiliate network;

  7. Add the tracking parameters you would like to see back in the correct subid setting from your network;

  8. Add a new offer and select the correct affiliate network and countries (optional);

  9. Add offer URL + Variables;

  10. Set up final postback with your affiliate network;

  11. Add a new lander by Landers > Landers List > Add New Lander. Zeustrak Cloud is more convenient and modern type of landers and it has the most of advantages.

  12. Add new campaign: Campaigns > New Campaign;

  13. Select all the required fields (Countries, Traffic Source, Category, Tags);

  14. Select / Create destination by adding a Flow, Path or URL;

  15. Select the preferred filters;

  16. If you're working on a team go to User access tab and add the users that can see/edit this campaign;

  17. Final: Copy your Money page Url and submit to the relevant traffic source.