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Step by Step Campaign Setup

Welcome to Zeustrak, the performance marketing tool that helps increase efficiency in tracking and managing your campaigns with an all-in-one interface.  

  1. Server setup: Login or register your account on Digital Ocean and implement your API key in Zeustrak. If you do not have Digital Ocean account use this link to register and get $10 bonus on your account;

  2. Add a new server: Websites > Servers > New server;

  3. Add new domain: Websites > New domain and link to the right server. NOTE: Make sure that the A-record is set correctly;

  4. Select preferred tracking setup (Tracking, Tracking and Mirroring or Tracking and Wordpress);

  5. Add a new traffic source;

  6. Add a new affiliate network;

  7. Add the tracking parameters you would like to see back in the correct subid setting from your network;

  8. Add a new offer and select the correct affiliate network and countries (optional);

  9. Add offer URL + Variables;

  10. Set up final postback with your affiliate network;

  11. Add a new lander by Landers > Landers List > Add New Lander;

  12. External Hosting lander vs Zeustrak Cloud lander setup;

  13. Add new campaign: Campaigns > New Campaign;

  14. Select all the required fields (Countries, Traffic Source, Category, Tags);

  15. Select / Create destination by adding a Flow, Path or URL;

  16. Select the preferred filters;

  17. If working on a team go to User access and add the users that can see/edit this campaign;

  18. Final: Copy your Money page Url and submit to the relevant traffic source.