Step 3: Optimizing And Scaling Your Campaigns

Congratulations for creating your first Zeustrak campaign! 

We just can't wait to see your success with it but without knowing where to go further it could turn that you apply too much effort and get less results. 

So how to solve that problem you may ask? The answer is simple.

You need to analyze the performance of your campaigns and optimize all the parameters constantly to lower your costs and get higher ROI (Return Of Investments). This is the art of the affiliate marketing.

But the true art is impossible without the right tools and Zeustrak is here to help. We've already showed you how simple it is to create domains, servers, landers and many more. And now it's time for you to create your own working strategy.

Here are the most common advices to help you get started with optimizing and scaling your campaigns.

  1. Find a vertical that you are comfortable with 
    Test as much verticals as possible and look at what is trending and converting well. Then decide which one is the best choice for you: you know how to work with it, you know what people want from it an so on.
  2. Build a stack of converting offers 
    Keep in mind you want to collect data to optimize your campaigns, so don’t simply chase after the highest paying offer. Those offers will also most likely have the highest competition as well and they won’t be cheap to be competitive. Not to mention that many people running those highly competitive offers, might have been doing it for years and they are just more qualified to make the right decisions when comes to running an efficient and profitable campaign.
  3. Create the landing pages people love to visit 
    You should take some time to build attractive landers people would love to visit. It's not about the hypest technologies or design trends. It could be a simple blog post with some images but the message on this lander should touch the strings of the visitor's soul to make them click the offer link. This way a visitor is almost ready to buy. To make sure visitors do like your landers you should keep track and measure user engagement. Always check lander statistics and here is the useful tool to measure user's engagement.
  4. Create your ad catchy and attractive 
    Your ad is going to be the first thing people see. It’s the gateway to your potential conversion. It should stand out. Your ad copy should be clever and it should speak to the desires of your targeted customer. You can turn to what’s already successful in similar campaigns others are running. There are a few good ways to do this. One method is to use Ad Spy tools. These tools let you know what ads are running currently in a specific segment and how successful they are with getting traffic. 

Once you have an idea of what ads you want to run, you are ready to optimize them. The most common and efficient way to do this is the A/B or split testing. This allows you to run multiple versions of an ad to see which one is performing better. The differences can seem minor (color of the background, text layout, ad copy or picture used…etc.), but can make a significant difference. This is an essential part of your success. DO NOT underestimate this step! 

Zeustrak provides great resource for beginners to start the successful affiliate marketing business called - free online courses where you can learn everything you need from a complete zero to profit! There are tons of material served in an easy to understand manner, go check it now and good luck!