A Lander is an intermediary web page shown after a visitor clicks on an ad, and which also precedes an offer. Essentially, a landing page is an extension of the ad that displays sales or marketing information intended to entice a visitor to “click through” to the respective offer.

Well-designed landing pages result in a higher click-through rate (CTR%) and subsequently,

a higher conversion rate (CR).

Landing pages are generally created by the advertiser in multiple variations with the aim of performing A/B split-testing within a campaign.

In Zeustrak, split-testing is easy to do via the creation of distinct destination paths within a campaign.

In Zeustrak, there are two supported types of landing pages:

  • Self-hosted pages, hosted externally of Zeustrak, preferably via a reliable CDN (content delivery network).

  • Tracker-hosted pages, all HTML code and assets (images, scripts, stylesheets) are being stored inside and displayed by Zeustrak.


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