Step 1

To add a new traffic source, select the Traffic Sources tab in the main menu (left screen). Next, click on the New Traffic Source button.

A new settings panel will now open.


Step 2

Define a Name for your traffic source.

If you want to pass conversions back to your traffic source, add the Postback URL field to relay conversions correctly back to the source.


Step 3

Use the Advanced box to configure variables your traffic source will pass to the tracker.

Generally, postback URLs include unique parameters defined by the source to send specific data variables when requested. The most common data variable sent within any postback request is a visit ID.

Click IDs are random alphanumerical strings generated by traffic sources, affiliate networks, and tracking platforms to uniquely identify and record inbound or outbound users (clicks).

Furthermore, click IDs are used as a standard method to track a unique conversion event per user.

In a configured Zeustrak traffic source template, click ID tokens are generally mapped into the External ID field.

Then use the “{visit.externalid}” placeholder in the postback URL to pass the Visit ID back to the traffic source.

Use other fields to define placeholders for campaign URL you will use to send traffic to.

Step 4

Configure Lander parameters. Read next section to get more information about this.


Step 5

Click the Save button.

Read further: "2.2 Traffic Source Lander Parameters"