Zeustrak has a feature to set a list of variables to be automatically passed to your lander when user follows your campaign link in the traffic source. For example, you might use this feature to send visit ID or some custom data to any lander of the campaign. Or you are running a Facebook campaign and need a Facebook Pixel ID to be passed from campaign settings to your lander.

Step 1

Use Lander Parameters section of Traffic Source to create a list of variables.

Parameter - a name of the variable to be passed to your lander.

Form label - a readable name of the variable, displayed in the forms (see below, how it looks in campaign settings)

Default value - you may use any URL token as a default value. (See Appendix 3 for a list of all available URL tokens).


Step 2

Set variable values in campaign settings.

Step 3

Use passed variables on your lander.

If you use a self-hosted lander, variables will be passed in the lander link. For example, you might see the following lander URL: http://my-host.com/lander.html?clickid=cb7a3595-e40d-4958-bb9f-111a98ce8b41&fbpixel=1987267678186058

If you use a local lander, use this token to get variable value: {var:NAME}, for example, to get Visit ID value use token {var:visitid}.

Read further: "3. Affiliate Network Setup"