There are two supported lander types in Zeustrak - self-hosted and local.

A self-hosted lander is a lander that runs and maintains itself using your own web server.

The local lander is a lander that runs and maintains itself on Zeustrak servers. 

It is possible to easily upload code for such a lander via Zeustrak UI and then use it with any domain name that is connected to Zeustrak. Also, it is possible to perform any changes to local landers and have these changes applied immediately.

Zeustrak has an automated naming structure to help you organize landers based on the following labels:

  • Country code

  • Unique name

  • You could also put lander in a folder for an extra level of organization

Additionally, both lander types have a special kind of relation inside Zeustrak which is: a lander belongs to campaign (user defines which lander belongs to a specified campaign), and the same campaign can be used multiple times (e.g. in different Facebook accounts).

Read further: "5.1 Managing Lander Folders"