To track visitors clicking links or buttons on your lander, place a Zeustrak click URL in them.

Default click URL is only used for landers promoting one offer.

Here is an example (click URL):


If your landing page promotes several offers (which also means, the Offers count is set to two or more), you should attach an offers number to the link.

For example, if you promote two offers on one lander. Then your links might look like this


Sometimes you may need to pass data from your lander to the offer. You may achieve this with click variables. Append any variables to the click link and then put {click.var:name} tokens in the offer link to pass data.


For example, on your lander you may have this link:


Then your offer URL might look like this:{click.var:somevar}


When a user clicks the link on your lander the value of the variables (that are important data) will be passed on your offer.

Read further: "5.4 Adding a Local Lander"