Step 1

Click Flows in the main left menu.


Step 2

Click the New Flow button.


Step 3

Define the Name for your Flow. You may use Flow Tags as a sort of categorization. Tags are predefined and sit under Settings > Tags. Use Note field to store any useful information about the flow. It is displayed on Details page of a created Flow. Manage users access with Available to users control. Users may have two sets of permissions - Can view and Can edit.


Step 4

Switch to Default paths tab. In this section, you define what landers your visitors see and to what offers they move from your landers. You may add several default paths to your flow. Traffic will be separated between all of them according to their Weight value (the more weight - the more traffic).

A path has a Redirect method setting. It only applies to the redirect from the lander to the offer. Use 302 for fastest redirects and Double meta-refresh when you don’t want to pass your referrer to the affiliate network.

Switch on the Direct link checkbox, when you want to send traffic directly to the offer and not use a lander.

Use the Path landers selection to add landers. You can only choose from landers for countries, selected on the Settings tab, or Global  (without a specific country setting). You can add an unlimited amount of landers to one path. Traffic is distributed among them according to each landers weight value. Please note, that in one path you may select landers only with the same Offers count. For example, if you created a new default path and added a lander with an Offers count equal to '1', you won’t be able to add landers with an Offers count equal to '2' to in this path. You must add another default path and add other landers there.


Use the Path offers selection to add landers. If you use a lander with '1' offer in this path, you can add an unlimited number of offers. Traffic is distributed among them according to each offers weight. If you use landers with other the Offers count, you can add exactly the same number of offers. A small number (1, 2, etc.) will be displayed, showing what number you should use for this offer in your tracking URL.


Step 5

You may use Rules section to add more Paths, that will receive traffic only when their conditions are true. In section 6.2 you will find more information about flow rules and get a usage example.

Read further: "6.2 Flow Rules Setup"