Step 1

Click Add rule button.


Step 2

Define a Name for your rule.


Step 3

Set its status (active by default)


Step 4

Choose a Destination, where you want to send visitors, who fit under this rule condition. Available options are:

Path - choose landers and offers from tracker

Link - send visitor to any website

Incorrect URL - send a visitor to the URL, defined as Incorrect URL in the campaign settings.


Step 5

Click Add condition to the rule button. You can add any number of conditions to a rule. A Rule is triggered when all conditions are true. There are several types of conditions available.

Boolean condition - has only two options available; 'ON' or 'OFF', for example, if mobile traffic is ON or OFF

Predefined value condition - you may select a value or multiple from a predefined list. For example, you might want to trigger a rule when a visitor visits your campaign from one of the listed devices.

Custom value condition - you may type any trigger values yourself. You may also define a list of available options, separated by a comma. The rule will be triggered when variable is equal to one of the values. For example, you may create an ISP condition and type a list of IPSs, separated by a comma.


Each condition has an ON/OFF switch. Switch it to OFF, when you want to trigger conditions for all values not listed. For example, to choose an ISP condition, list a few IPSs and switch the selector to OFF to trigger this rule for all other providers.


Available conditions are:

Choose browsers from a predefined list
Browser language
Choose browser languages from a predefined list
Type one or multiple city names
Connection type
Choose connection type from a list
Choose countries from a list
Choose devices from a list
Type one or multiple hours in 24h format, i.e., 0,1,2,3,23
Type one or multiple IPs
Type one or multiple ISP names
Mobile traffic
Boolean value, use is-not switch to include or exclude mobile traffic from a rule
Choose OS from a list
Preview traffic
Boolean value, use is-not switch to include or exclude Facebook Preview traffic from a rule
Repeat visit
Boolean value, use to include or exclude repeat (non-unique) visits of a campaign
URL Variable
Use this condition to check for any URL variable value. For example, you can add a creative ID to your campaign link and with a rule send some traffic to a special destination. You campaign link could look like “”, so you add an URL Variable condition in a rule and set Variable to “creative” and Value to “cash01”

Read further: "7. Campaign Setup"