To start filter bots on your websites you have to integrate Digital Ocean account and perform initial setup. Then, you are going to be able to duplicate your websites for bot filtering.

Please, follow 3 simple steps listed below.

Step 1: Register Digital Ocean account

1. Go to Digital Ocean sign up page. Or if you already have Digital Ocean account, go to log in page and skip to Step 2;

2. Enter your email and choose password in the appropriate fields and press Sign Up button;

3. After that you'll be prompted to confirm your email address:

4. To be able to use the Digital Ocean API you'll have to enter your billing info. Select your preferred payment method and enter your details.

Step 2: Add your Zeustrak SSH key to Digital Ocean

1. Copy your Zeustrak SSH Key or press Copy to buffer button;

E.g. GnnR8MKhaGmECodr3eHjTYw0Ya2v9OwTalftKyGg

2. Log in to Digital Ocean, then go to Settings > Security tab;

3. Find SSH Keys section and press Add SSH Key button;

4. In a pop up window named New SSH key paste your previously copied SSH Key to SSH key content filed, enter the desired Name for your SSH Key and then press Add SSH Key button;

Step 3: Get API key from Digital Ocean

1. Go to API > Token/Keys tab;

2. Press Generate New Token button;

3. In the pop up form enter token name, e.g. "Zeus", tick "Write" checkbox if it is unchecked (required) and press Generate Token;

4. Copy newly created token, press copy link;

5. Paste it in the text field that asks "Enter API Key" and press Check and Save button.

If the check succeeds you will be notified with the appropriate message and will then be ready to mirror your websites. If the check fails you'll be notified with the reason of the failure. Once you've fixed the issue, Check and Save again.

Read further: "11.2 Adding a Server"