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Adding a lander in Zeustrak Cloud

You can use cloud hosting integrated into the tracker to store your landers. It is much easier and you can store and manage all your landers and assets in one place with no additional charge. To store your lander in Zeustrak Cloud, you should have a single html file and put all needed assets to a single folder

The easiest way to do that is to tick Load lander by url checkbox when creating a new lander. In this case Zeustrak will download all the content from url provided and upload it to Zeustrak Cloud.

Otherwise it could be achieved by saving page from your browser (press Cmd/Ctrl + S) . Then you upload all the assets to the relevant lander and put html code in the Code textfield.

First thing first - you need a landing page code.

Then remove all unnecessary code from your landing page.

Create landing page in Zeustrak. Give it a name and choose Zeustrak Cloud in Location type. Copy and paste your code.

Replace all file paths with assets.

Upload your assets.

Then you only need to update all your tracking links with http://{trackingdomain}/click/?origin={origin} and press Create button. Your landing page is likely ready to go.

Here you can find more detailed info.

To make lander work properly you need to strictly follow the steps below.


Step 1

Prepare your lander for upload:

- On your local machine, create new folder and call it /assets. Place all lander files (images, styles) in this folder.

- Define paths to the files. Your lander structure should look like this:

├── assets/style.css
├── assets/image.png
├── assets/script.js

Step 2

Replace all offer URLs with the following link http://{trackingdomain}/click/?origin={origin}

Step 3

Click Landers in the main left menu. Then, click the New Lander button.


Step 4

Setup your lander:

- Define a Name for your Lander.

- Set Location type to Zeustrak Cloud.

- Set the Offers count (This means, how many different offers are promoted on your page at one time).

- Select Countries and Folder.

- Grab all your files from your /assets folder on your local machine and upload it to the server using Load assets button at the bottom of the screen below Code editor.

- Paste your lander code to the Code editor. Use Code editor to edit HTML-code of your lander.

NOTE: you should never upload unnecessary scripts to a local lander folder, especially that ones that changing URLs!