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Flows tab

Flows tab is almost similar to the Campaigns tab with a little difference. Let's see what it is look like.

New Flow (1) button creates a new flow and opens Flow editor

Flow view switcher (2) switches between List of your flows and Flow analytics page.

Flow filter (3) section contains a set of controls which could help you to find a flow.

  • Filter input field filters your flows list by name of the flow. Type at least two characters and press Enter key to see flows which names match your input;
  • Flow type options selector: 
    1. All - shows all your flows;
    2. With traffic - shows flows with traffic for the selected date range;
    3. Archived - shows only archived flows;
    4. Active - shows only active (opposite the archived) flows;
    5. Favorite - shows only flows marked as favorite.
  • Date range selector with predefined date ranges:
    1. Today
    2. Yesterday
    3. Last 3 days
    4. Last 7 days
    5. Last 30 days
    6. Current week
    7. Last week
    8. Custom range

All filter settings will be remembered till the time you change it.

Overall report (4) section shows metrics and numbers of flows. Here you can see avatars of users which have access to the flow and also you can mark a flow as the favorite (press Star button).

Entries number (5) selector will show number of rows of the flows.

Clicking on the flow row will bring you action menu with such controls:

  • Reports - sends you to the Flow report page;
  • Edit - opens flow editor;
  • Clone - opens flow editor and clones the settings of the selected flow;
  • Archive - archives the selected flow.