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Flow reports page

Flow reports page consists of two parts:

First is Edit button (1). Pressing it will open Flow editor of the flow.

Second part is the Report section (2) itself split by report category.


Details tab breaks into four sections:

  • Campaigns (1) - here you can find a list of campaigns where the flow is used;
  • Countries (2) - this section represents the geography allowed for the flow;
  • Preview (3) - in this part you can have quick access to flow details such as default paths, connected landers and offers and rules. Also, pressing the edit flow¬†button the Flow editor will be opened;
  • Comments (4) - this section is used to leave a comment regarding the flow. See comments markdown reference.


Daily tab represents performance of your flow for the selected date range and applied filters.

Filters section (1) allows you to filter your flow by the following:

Group, Keyword, Placement are the parameters from your tracking link. Landing separates by the landings attached to your flow.

Metrics section (2) shows the performance of your flow split by marketing metrics. You should be familiar with it if you have read Campaigns report page description.


Landings report is similar to Landing filter from daily tab, except that it contains info that is split by landing pages only and has Group and Date range filters.


Offers report is pretty much the same as Landings report except that now your statistics are split by offers used in your flow setup.


Visits report is splitting your flow by each visit came through your flow.